Why Effective Communication Often Eludes Leadership

How many times a day do we experience a communication breakdown? We’ve been talking about communication for decades and we still can’t seem to get it right! Effective communication often eludes leadership because we have yet to figure out how to balance both sides of this relationship.Looking at how we communicate can explain so much! It’s really quite simple. We have a sender and a receiver. The sender sends an intended message. The receiver receives a message.  Seems simple enough.However, the reason we can’t seem to get communication right is the noise.The noise is both literal and figurative. Literally the sounds and noises we hear are phones, email, Facebook™ and Twitter™ notifications, radios, and iPods™, or the discussion happening outside your office door.The figurative noises are trickier and harder to notice. Those could be the argument you had with your spouse the night before, the parent-teacher conference this morning, or the report that’s due by the close of business today. Those noises inside your head keep you from really hearing what the other person is saying.Today we analyze how to recognize and eliminate these noises so leaders can finally effectively communicate.Understanding how we communicate and the noise that interferes in every conversation will help you be a better leader and enjoy communicating with others even more.As always, I love to hear from you. What was your funniest Mars/Venus communication exchange? Or what’s the most challenging conversation you’ve had and how did you manage through it?With love,Maria