How to Lead Effectively with Realistic Expectations

The image we have of the perfect Hollywood leader leaves us feeling less than adequate. We need to know how to lead effectively with realistic expectations and stop buying into the superhuman leader concept.Many models of leadership exist. A favorite of many, with massive buy-in is the Hollywood version of leadership. Our society has embraced and idolized a stereotypical leader we see depicted in films like Patton and the Lone Ranger.This type of leader is nearly omnipotent, strong, and able to handle almost everything that comes his (yes, his) way almost single-handedly. He has all of the answers and endless energy. In many organizations, we’ve come to expect this type of leader to lead and guide us through the hard times and reign in the good times. These leaders are expected to have strength, courage, valor, and vision.This perception and expectation of leadership is harmful to both the leaders and the followers. It is unrealistic. Inevitably, the Hollywood leader in organizations, communities, and countries fail, leaving the followers disillusioned and fearful. The leaders in organizations that succumb to this model pay a hefty price of, isolation, stress, fear of failure, stress-related illness, or worse. In this episode, I discuss why we create these types of leaders and the danger to our organizations these expectations may have.I would love to hear from you. What do you think it takes to be a great leader?With love,Maria