Love-Based Leadership Book



Transform Your Life with Meaning and Abundance

I reveal the common desire to find the “why” or meaning in daily work, beginning with a discussion about the importance of living holistically, by integrating love and spirituality into all aspects of our life—including work.

Leading with the Love-Based Leadership (LBL) model, we find meaning, authenticity, value, abundance, and purpose in and through our leadership. Even better—those we lead find motivation, creativity, loyalty, commitment to the task, and value in their jobs through purpose. Woohoo!

Using concise yet substantive explanations, I combine discussion of several leadership theories, including the Love-Based Leadership model, with real-life examples. I also share how my own life changed for the better when I left the comfort of a lucrative salary to connect with my passion and spirit, resulting in an inspired, love-filled life.

In this small book, I present a big model of leadership – a Love-Based Leadership model. I take you on a self-discovery journey as I present a very simple, yet profound way to lead. Based on love of Self, love of Source, and love of Others, my message is sprinkled with humor, music (of course), and inspiration. I’ve ignited a movement, a love-based leadership movement, and invite you along. Let’s get rockin’!

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“The timing for Dr. Maria Church’s Love-Based Leadership (LBL) model for business leaders could not be more appropriate. With the country coming out of a recession and the labor force wounded and skeptical, this model of leadership will attract the best employees looking for a safe and caring environment under which to work.” – Michael G. Cerepanya, President, MGC Consulting, LLC 

“Finally, a leadership model one can wrap her arms around! Dr. Church brings to light the real qualities of true leadership based on the very foundation of love, honor, and respect for one’s fellow man (and woman). Her ability to guide others on this journey of self-discovery for the authentic leader within is a gift to all. After embracing LBL, one can’t help but realize, with perfect clarity, the benefits of going for a walk.” – Marcelina Werne, R.N., C.E.O., Horizon Health Care Institute, LLC 

“Dr. Church brings an enlightening new perspective to the field of leadership. Her concept of Love Based Leadership (LBL) definately expands the bounds of the current leadership paradigm. Like Greenleaf (Servant Leadership) and Block (Stewardship), Dr. Church focuses on the topic of leadership from a fresh perspective. She does so in a way that is easy to understand and yet does so with academic rigor. The References section of this book is akin to a mini version of Bass & Stogdill’s “Handbook of Leadership”. If one is a serious student of Leadership, this book should be required reading.” – Dr. E. R. Sieglitz 

“Honestly, I was skeptical about Love Based Leadership in the modern workplace. However, a closer examination of this book helped me to realize that many world-class companies (Southwest Airlines, SEMCO, etc.) are implementing components of LBL with outstanding results. I encourage every manager/leader to take a close look at the underlying principles in this book. Dr. Church provides practical examples that any organization can use to unleash the passion of its employees. In fact, organizations that make good faith efforts to treat their employees with respect and trust tend to outperform companies who treat their employees poorly. Most managers know this intuitively, but few of them make concerted efforts to put these ideas into practice. Hopefully, more forward-thinking managers will give Love Based Leadership a try and reap the benefits of engaged and passionate employees.” – Kevin L. Keyes