Engaging Your Audience



Audiences enjoy and are inspired to hear Dr. Maria speak about leadership inside all of us. Her intense passion and ability to connect with people produces talks that are compelling, inspirational, and warm, sprinkled with wisdom and of course, humor.

Some of her most popular presentations include:

The Differentiator: Building a Culture that Attracts and Retains Your Ideal Employees

Some of the biggest challenges facing executives over the next 10 years include retaining and rewarding the best employees, developing the next generation of leaders, and creating an organizational culture that attracts the best employees. The next generation of leaders looks at culture as one of the most important factors in working for, or staying with a company.

Forbes reports we are in a Retention Crisis – Deloitte research shows that culture, engagement, and employee retention are now top challenges facing business leaders. Unemployment below 5.5% indicates that employees have more bargaining power. Social sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed means that company’s employment brand is now public information. If not a great place to work, people find out fast. Deloitte reports that 95% of candidates believe culture is more important than compensation.

This presentation inspires participants to recognize the powerful differentiator of organizational culture. Leaders will learn strategies to influence, motivate, and retain employees with practical and tactical solutions to build thriving, sustainable, and innovative workplace cultures.

Surviving the Silver Tsunami: Attract and Retain Knowledge, People, and Meaning

It’s happening – the Baby Boomers are retiring and taking all of that institutional knowledge with them. Over 54% of local governments had an increase of retirees last year. Public sector workers tend to be older and possess higher levels of education with up to 60% of retiring employees in upper management.

How does this impact you? It is more serious than you think. By 2020, 60% of your local government workforce may be eligible to retire. According to a recent study by Partnership for Public Service, almost 1/3 of Millennials plan to work in the private sector and only 6% of college students indicate they plan to work for public sector institutions.

This presentation confirms to participants that the local government of yesterday is not the answer for the complex dynamics of today. The intentional design of their organizational culture is the key factor for retaining knowledge, people, and meaning. Leaders will learn strategies to capture and create knowledge, attract and retain the right people, and attach meaning and purpose to everyday tasks.

Leading with Love: The Heart of Success

Leading with Love is not for the faint of heart. Fear is running rampant in many organizations today, paralyzing leaders from making decisions, stifling innovation, killing loyalty, and negatively influencing productivity. As the economy recovers and the war on talent gears up, love-based organizations are the best defense. The session provides an overview of the tenants of Love-Based Leadership and evidence for its multifaceted organizational success.

This presentation inspires participants to recognize the destructive nature of workplace fear. Replacing fear with a love-based culture is not for the faint of heart. The most arduous journey many will take is the 18” from the head to the heart. This is not a session of kittens, puppies, and rainbows. Instead, leaders will learn strategies to influence, motivate, and retain employees with practical and tactical solutions for sustainable and innovative workplace cultures.

Cancer in the C-Suite: Leadership Lessons Learned from a Journey through Cancer

As a recent cancer survivor, Dr. Church intimately shares the leadership lessons she learned as she walked the path through cancer. This poignant and powerful presentation invites the audience to view their personal leadership through a perspective lens of vulnerability as strength.

Dr. Church is available for speaking engagements with local governments, corporations, industry events, private retreats, and training workshops. For more information, please contact Concierge@DrMariaChurch.com